Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund

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Atrani Capital has differentiated itself from other alternative investment management firms through our consistent ability to generate high quality returns for our investors.


We employ a global multi-strategy investment approach, opportunistically engaging in a broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of diversified managers.

Investment approach

Our approach to the selection and oversight of trading teams is grounded in a philosophy of consistently seeking to generate incremental, positive returns against a limited amount of risk exposure (i.e., high Sharpe ratio) rather than outsized, but more volatile absolute returns.

Risk management plays a central role in our investment approach. The critical element is that we distinguish between risks we take to enable long-term risk-adjusted outperformance, on the one hand and unrewarded risks that we avoid on the other.

What We Do

Atrani Capital is a global investment management firm founded in 2019 and has offices in Russia and Armenia.

Atrani Capital allocates capital across a diverse set of strategies involving a variety of liquid asset classes. Our business's primary focus is on generating high-quality returns by engaging and overseeing a large number of specialized trading teams, each of which pursues specific strategies.

Our mission is to deliver the best return in an alternative asset class.


Dmitry Mikhnov

Dmitry, is responsible for business development. Entrepreneur and private trader since 2010. He founded a successful trading school in 2012 (more than 2000 students). At the end of 2016, he organized a fund to manage the assets of private clients in the US market, raised $ 10 million. He is an expert in investing in pre-IPO transactions. Graduated from Insead Executive MBA in 2018


Igor Rotor

Igor, product director. He has more that 12 years of experience in the capital market. He was responsible for managing the investment portfolio of 50 billion rubles of non-governmental pension funds in Russia. He specialized in conservative low-volatility strategies.

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